1403 Scott Street
San Diego, CA 92106


(Located on the bay in  Point Loma at the Sportfishing Landing behind Point Loma Sportfishing)

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Mitch's Seafood is casual waterfront dining at its best.  Located on San Diego Bay, in the historic fishing neighborhood of Point Loma, we offer excellent locally caught seafood with a view of the bay and the San Diego Sportfishing Fleet.  We specialize in grilled fresh, local  seafood, fish tacos, gourmet burgers and a variety of fine beers and wines.

Our seafood comes almost exclusively from the waters off San Diego and Northern Baja.  The Mitch's Seafood family has a long history in the Point Loma fishing community.  Most of our fish is either caught by us or by fisherman that we know.  Furthermore, as local fisherman, stewardship of the ocean is extremely important to us.  At Mitch's Seafood we utilize only sustainably caught seafood and work with a number of groups to ensure a clean and vibrant future for our beaches and oceans.

Our preference towards local food doesn't stop with our seafood.  We use meat and produce from nearby farms and ranches whenever possible and specialize in serving many of San Diego's finely crafted beers and wines.

Whether you have lived in San Diego your entire life, or are visiting for the first time, you need to come visit Mitch's Seafood and experience San Diego Seafood dining at its best.


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